Sunday, 21 December 2008


I did this pencil drawing way back in the heady days of August 1992, a month before I started my degree at Camberwell College of Arts. When I was a boy, Elisabeth Sladen would make my heart go goosey whenever she was on the telly in Doctor Who and I did this portrait for her when I met her in London at a signing session. She was so lovely and complimentary about the drawing when she accepted it, my heart pumped up to Goose Factor 9.

Sometimes I wish I did but I don't often do drawings like this anymore because they're so time consuming and although I still have the patience, I'm always too busy illustrating books and stuff.

Other Dr Who drawings can be found on my website.


Paige Keiser said...

Ah you like the brunettes heh heh. That is a very nicely done portrait I'm sure she was VERY impressed!

Leighton Noyes said...

Thanks Paige, always good to hear from you.

From what I remember of the Summer of '92, Elisabeth did say she liked it. She put her arm round me, kissed my cheek and thanked me. What happened after that is a little hazy but I'm assuming she was probably more flattered than impressed. She was so gracious though, a lovely lady.